• Storyteller [DM]

    Just thought that Darlene deserves a special mention.

    Whilst she has little interest in being a big mover or shaker or getting involved in conflict she's always willing to help show new players or characters around.

    She helped me out when I first started on the server many years ago now

  • Yes, Darlene's first PC Rav made dozens of paintings of characters, many of these have made their way in game as art objects you can find. Little touches like this add so much more realism and depth to the game, its cool to see.

  • DarleneC has been a community staple for years and really does bring a lot to the sever with her eccentric, mysterious and cool characters. I sometimes wish I had more reason to be around her just to learn and spend time in the presence of awesomeness.

  • Yes. RAV was the one who showed Alicanabrium Deepockney around, despite his constant advances.@Darlene-Te-len you pretty good.

  • "Would you like to hear about the Night of the Red Scarves?"
    The friendliest tutorial guide, always gives a boost up to the new characters with gear, gold, wands and advice. Good cookie.

    Roka Arjace Vos
    R - A - V

    alt text

  • They say that she reached level 20 by doing only Nadies Cat

  • Not even the most heartless of blackguards could lay a hand on Rav...

  • Had me convinced she was a vampire when I first started, it was great.

  • ...wait, was she not?

  • Darlene's characters are alway a pleasure to chat and RP with, as she weaves her story, dropping in little tidbits of information about what other characters/ groups are up to. Rav introduced my first PC, to a group of like-minded folk that led to lots of fun and remained a lifelong friend of his.

    OOC, Darlene took the time to show me around and explained things about the game that someone new to the multiplayer experience needed to know, including; how to send "those little green messages", what meta-gaming is ("but I can see his name when I hold tab...") and why my level 1 rogue in leather with no buffs died every couple of minutes.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    No Rav wasn't a vampire, Just a creepy elf lady that like fine red wine, aka blood

  • Rav was awesome. DarleneC is awesome. Class act of you to put this out there. @verk