City Council: Chancellor

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    a long largely blank scroll appears for the Chancellor

    Word has reached us that the "Pit" is no longer used to harbor your city's criminals. We commend the end of this barbarity, and inform you now that this property will be claimed by our people as it lays beneath the ruins that were already granted to us.

    Should you need to pen reply, simply add to this scroll. Your words will be seen and duplicated on our ends by magics far beyond your primitive ken.

    Sans'Sol Scribe of Ini-Herit

  • [A forgetful Chancellor walks by this posting and remembers to pen a response.]

    The Pit is not included in the treaty forged between the Crown and Ini-Herit, therefore you have no right to it.
    The Pit is property of the City of Arabel. The City Council governs it and rejects your request to accommodate it.

    If your people have already assumed that the City Council had accepted your request to claim the Pit, then they may have the next couple of days to pack up their things and leave.

    Please acknowledge our response, otherwise I'll have to assume that our "primitive ken" have misused the magic of this scroll and may have to ask the King's Army to deliver this message to Bherskan Point personally.

    ~ Elodie Ledoux ~
    Chancellor of Arabel
    Sensate of the Succubus of Sensation


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    It is a true shame that you dishonor our agreement with the city. The pit clearly is impacted by the ruins, which have collapsed into it in portions. As such, we no longer feel the need to maintain the safety of the ruins and will only protect our citizens from the horrors that dwell there.

    We expect your pit will be over run with violent monster soon. Hopefully, your army is sufficient to deal with the worst of them before the eclipsing of the false sun.

    Sans'Sol Scribe of Ini-Herit