• This is one of the weirder druid spells.

    Stonehold is a huge-AoE, medium range conjuration spell. It's a will save vs mind-affecting paralysis. The duration of the CLOUD is round/level, but the duration of the stun itself is 1d6 rounds. Here are my suggested changes.

    (1) The animation of stonehold shows someone being encased in stone/crystal. It makes more sense for it to be a reflex or fortitude save (or maybe even something strength-based, like Balagarn's!) against being paralyzed. It should not be mind-affecting at all.
    (2) The duration of the stun should be at least 3 rounds. Perhaps 2+1d4 rounds.
    (3) I would not be against opening the spell up to alterations. Such as "Encase in Ice" which substitutes the Freeze effect, or "Magma Field" which adds a short duration Combust effect every round. This is a Circle 6 spell; it should be equivocal to Blade Barrier (weaker in exchange for the AoE size).