Patriot William Carver

  • Friend,

    Your postings have caught my eye, I have need for loyal men on the streets of Old Town to see them cleansed of the filth which loiters there.

    I can supply you with the goods you need, I require no gold just your word you will conduct the work I need done quietly and efficiently.

    I shall send for you this evening, we can discuss at the Grinning Goat.

    • Tomas Ventari.

  • [Letter received]

  • Bill,

    Looks like the Sembian contingent are getting a bit mouthy again.

    Keep an eye on them and let me know what you find out. Don’t need to do anything drastic yet, just find out who the movers and shakers are.

    • Tomas.

  • Bring me a suit of that dire croc studded armour, and a dire tiger necklace that the Pathfinder made and you've a deal. I've got the hides and crocodile bones he needs to replace them. He knows of me and shouldn't argue too much.

    Patriot William Carver