Patriots of old town

  • [Posters placed in Shylocks and the Old Town market]

    Good Cormyrean folk of Old Town.

    You'll know me as a butcher, who regularly provides to the poor families still loyal to our King.

    However, I pen this in outrage.

    My family, and my people, have been in this city for 20 generations, and in recent years in old town I have seen an influx of demon worshippers, and Sembian mongrels, bringing their shadovar spies into our city.

    This ends now.

    The example set by Lord Bhaliir, who brought the Chaos Brigade low, has not gone unnoticed.

    We, the Kingsmen of Old Town need the weapons and armours normally wielded by mighty adventurers, that we can rid the city of filth.

    We shall be the storm that washes this filth from the streets, into the gutter where they belong.

    Seek out William Carver, the Old Town butcher and pledge aid, coin, weapons, whatever you can.

    Find me in the market where I ply my trade.

    Specifically I seek:
    Amulets and rings offering protection.
    Hand axes, or the netherese alloy used to craft them
    Belts that strengthen warriors, and gloves that increase dexterity

    Proud patriot, William Carver

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