The Red Lady

  • I have seen your words! I do wish power! I want to POSSESS the great power of the deep albino crawlers and the great Albino DRAGON. These are the most POWERFULL of the crawlers few creatures that serve out of much FEAR. I want gems that gleam! Huge gems, small gems, large gems, average gems, mediocore gems and grand gems- I WANT THEM ALL. I want to know -where the great Albino dragon is laying, slumbering and resting!


    Future Mayor of Oldtown
    Overseer and Coordinator of the New Oldtown Administration
    Boris Bumbletongue

    Not the future mayor of Oldtown
    Morris Mumbletongue

  • @maggers

    Dangle enticingly before the World Snake's maw once called and await the woman in red.

    The Red Lady