Thaloc Theidugan Offers..

  • In an effort to staunch the numbers of disgusting Giants and their kin, and to put fear of the Morndinsamman in their wretched black hearts, Thaloc of Clan Theidugan, priest of the Battlefather has an offer for all adventurers of the city.

    I will pay your adventurers' tax (or provide you with the coin to do so) in exchange for Giants and their kin slain.

    For every fifteen "points", I will pay a week of your tax (or give you the coin equivalent to paying it)

    Trolls of the common variety are worth half a point.
    Chieftain Trolls are worth two points.
    Ogres of the common variety are worth half a point.
    Ogre Mages are worth one point.
    Chieftain Ogres are worth three points.
    Ettin are worth two points.
    Stone Giants are worth four points.
    Mountain giants are worth seven points.
    Hill Giants are worth ten points, and for every five slain, another ten points is added.
    Fire Giants are worth ten points.
    Frost Giants are worth fifteen points.
    Any Giant higher on the social hierarchy of their wretched Jotun race will be worth at least thirty points. (Storm, Cloud, etc.)

    Thaloc of Clan Theidugan.

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