Letter: Lord Kraliqh

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Lord Kraliqh

    I write with a few questions and a possible proposal.

    Firstly did Lord Hardcastle own the Pit, If so was it one of the properties you inherited upon his arrest by the War Wizards?

    If you do own it would you be interested in placing it under the Stewardship of the Church of Gond?

    As you may have read before your resignation from the Council I desire to reopen the Pit as a place where adventurers can mine for a small fee.

    Excess ore they don't need themselves could be traded to the factory for incentives.

    With the ore brought in the factory would rely less on imports and output and profitably would likely increase.

    It would also stop this idiotic Festhall as the Church would forbid it's construction over the Pit.

    Seeker Ampharen

  • The pit itself became city property. I have no interest in it myself, while some mythalite has been found there, it is simply too dangerous to be profitable as an investment.

    I am very fond of your intentions to maintain the factory of my dear Lord Hardcastle. I should like to see such efforts continue. So many hard working people, many immigrants from Thay honor Gond because of the freedom and charity of Malcolm. If the gangs in Old Town were simple destroyed, we would have prosperity that a fest hall will never bring.

    Also, I remind you again, I am no lord! This is a sore point for me.

    Valiant Kraliqh

  • Storyteller [DM]


    Destroying the gangs of Old Town is something I very much agree with, The worst of them peddle such disgusting items as blood and infernal stones.

    Whilst as Warden of the Militia I cannot enter Old Town and battle them myself I will not sit idle and allow them to remain.

    Information I have learnt on them has been passed to Lord Bhaliir and his Storm Dragon Batallion, Contracts will be issued to mercenary companies who will aid restore the city to greatness.

    Warden Ampharen