Letter to Mistral Miavyre

  • Mistral,

    I see that given the Guard, Tilverton and Host's rejection of the tax, the Chancellor is now turning her sights upon human faiths. I wonder, how long until she decides to turn her gaze upon the Morndinsamman.

    Pray tell, what are your thoughts on this Congress nonsense and the Church of Tyche denouncing Ledoux over it?

    Faenor Farthrow

  • @saoshyant


    Humans are an ambitious, creative lot that have a propensity for getting themselves into trouble chasing their ambitions. When I first met her I realized very quickly that she had a plan and an agenda, this whole thing is just a misstep on her path and one she’ll probably over correct before too long. She has ambition but not the skill nor wisdom to see them through-- or, more cynically she doesn’t care who gets hurt on her road to power. . . .I’d love to be wrong about the second.

    As far as the Congress goes, it reads to me like a power play-- whoever winds up in that building would be grateful and inclined favorably to the Chancellor that put them there. They’d then use their platform to further her goals after she’s extracted value from all would-be participants. No matter what, she gets to appear she’s doing something positive with her power.

    I think she forgets the long history this city has with Tymora and Tyche, and just how readily people are to stick with the comfort of the familiar.

    That said, I can’t imagine she’ll be able to interfere with the Morndinsamman. Her royal majesty is a sovereign as is the Embassy, and the long standing relationship between Thunderholm and Arabel is an active and dynamic thing. Where the temple might be founded on faith and local relations, they bring little to the table in terms of trade and such.

    Targeting the Morndinsamman would be a very poor decision on her part, I think.


    Mistral Ophirae Miavyre