Evander Dauntinghorn c/o Fine Hells

  • Evan,

    You heard my proposal before I had to leave to hunt. Why I need to prove my usefulness, and how. And you know what I suspect I'm fighting against.

    I'm considering a direct trio, like the setup was for the last conflict. However, I have an advantage in that I don't plan on allying with people who are invested in me. I need you as an advisor, to be part of the trio, because I know you'll be able to provide the best advice on how to perform with the best interests of the people, particularly regarding the upper class in a manner that isn't hob-snob.

    I am still unsure on who would be able to balance the two of us. I am a hesitant practical, you are a dreaming idealist. I can represent the wilds, while you can offer the wayfarer and highborn a voice. Going from there, I would probably need a common citizen who is...somewhere in between us. Or perhaps, beyond both of us.

    My platform is sustainability. Making sure we have a future. I have ideas, but I'd run them by you in a more dynamic manner so we can throw suggestions at each other.

    If you wish to fight with your own torch, I expect such of you, and I'd be willing to serve as I always have.

    Initiate Jon