Sealed Letter: Chancellor Ledoux

  • The letter is sealed with golden wax and embedded in the wax is the symbol of the Golden Guard's Standard in smaller form.


    Chancellor Ledoux,

    As discussed, please see the attached correspondence that allowed Eso and myself to negotiate on behalf of the Red Ravens and the Green Dragon Mercenary Company. You'll see in the first letter how they are not happy with the tax and how in the second, they allowed us to parley after we calmed them down and convinced them to give negotiation a chance.

    I would ask that with regard to your requirement of a list of current Company members, that you show leniency for these Companies. My request comes from the fact that they are currently using their Company resources to fight on behalf of Arabel and the Crown. While the Golden Guard can spare the resources to provide the requested detailed documentation, perhaps it would be better to request this documentation from these Companies once they are finished with their current contracts and plan to return to Arabel, where their rosters will be more solidify and time will be more on their side.

    I await your response so I can make them aware.

    -With the highest respect,

    Underneath the signature is the official Standard of the Golden Guard
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    The following are the attached original letters

    Commander Rayanna said in Letter to Golden Guard:

    The mercenary companies of Arabel are jointly issuing a statement of non-compliance with the city's "adventuring tax". We shall refuse to pay, and collectively respond to any effort to enforce payment. We are hoping the Golden Guard will join us in this.

    Commander Rayanna the Rose of the Red Ravens
    Albrec DesSchurr, Green Dragon Mercenary Company

    Commander Rayanna said in Letter to Golden Guard:

    We shall allow you to negotiate on our behalf, as our captains are in the Anauroch and Sembia respectively fighting on behalf of Cormyr's interests. Let it be known that this tax would influence our profits and where we choose to fight.