Letter to Arabel's regional nobles

  • My Lords,

    This assault on our lands has grown intolerable! The disgrace for a chancellor has seen fit to threaten the very faiths of our lands and the Congress of Faiths itself in their hubris. I have resigned from their service, but I believe it is inavoidable that so long as our king wishes to support this "people's power" movement that we shall continue to have elections until such time as we rally behind a strong and reliable candidate.

    I had thought when I resigned to announce my own candidacy, but I am not what my beloved Malcolm was as a leader. Is there any amongst us whom is trustworthy to take the mantle and garner our support?

    Valiant Kraliqh

    //edited because I forgot Kraliqh isn't a lord. my bad!

  • My dear Kraliqh, my fellow nobility,

    First of all, let me just offer my gratitude to Valiant Kraliqh, who has done us all a great service by voicing his concerns and bringing this matter to the attention of the nobility. I could not have started this discussion better myself.

    I more than anyone understand your concern, my good friend. The King has made a very bold move by experimenting this new form of government upon us- and none were more shocked than I to see my protege win the election and be named as chancellor. But now that she has, are we not obliged to ensure her very best of success in this office?

    That is why I remain in her council, to voice these concerns, and to try and convince her to step back from any such moves that'd threaten the stability of the realm. No matter how shocking and outrageous the move against our faiths appeared, it does not seem to have caused much outcry among the populace. Should the nobility march our forces into the city at this point and force the chancellor to resign? I do believe such a march would be deemed illegal- and bad for us unless we have the support of the people to do so. We need to see how this matter develops, and if any protest occurs among the common folk.

    As it stands, my duties as Oversword of the Battalion and Protectorate of Old Town keep me terribly occupied which is why I've only just now managed to pen a response. But I am willing to take the mantle if nobody else steps up.

    Our best course of action thus is to unite our forces under the Purple Dragon Banner. I ask each household to enlist a portion of their bannermen to my new battalion, where they shall undergo vigorous training to become true sons of Cormyr in defense of the atnion. Furthermore, I will, on behalf of the nobility of the North start correspondence with the Dragon Throne of Cormyr, to keep the the Royal Court informed of latest developments.

    For now, I remain a supporter of Elodie, for I still believe she can do our bidding. Though her actions have already caused unrest, it is nothing the warden of the militia should not be able to handle. But if she goes too far- then we shall indeed act.

    Lord Bhaliir