Ranger of the North

  • @latoksinned We are the Chained Servants, in service to Good through the Seven Holy Virtues.

    Your poster comes at an opportune time as I undertake a Test of Virtue of Purity.

    My Test requires the following:

    • The gypsies who base themselves out there have had an important herbal remedy stolen from them. Return it to them.
    • Many bandits roaming the roads supposedly have a base in Marliir's March. See if you can find it and raid it.
    • The Tressym Vault has recently undergone...changes, thanks to some slaadi who have taken over it in their search for the Spark. I investigate there to see if there is anything blatantly harmful besides a Well of some great power.

    I have undertaken this Test, as provided by Initiate Jon, to gain the attention of the Bear Spirt. The Bear Spirit I am told is a force of Protection and Justice. Should my worth be proven, I will be provided with Celestial Silver to aid in the crafting of a mighty Halberd against those from of Infernal and Demonic blood.

    We should meet to discuss this and many other things. If you are inclined seek us out or leave word.

    Chained Herald in service to Sariel
    c/o Fine Hells Inn

  • Storyteller [DM]


    I too am a staunch hunter of the fiendish and the undead. I will aid you in your quest, as it is a pure one. Use this Halberd to eradicate the foul creatures and you will have my support, so long as I get a chance to aid you in their destruction. With regards to the Bear Spirit... I too would like to meet him if only to better understand his ways of forest justice and how my wanderings can aid both men and wood. You have my bow and my blade as long as I can offer it.

    -Damion Latok

  • Damion,

    Let's speak and soon.


  • Storyteller [DM]


    I wish to inform you of my focues in the area, as you seem to be of a kindred spirit of sorts. I wander the wilds and seek to keep the roads as safe as I can, fighting what I can where I can. I have an... afinity for slaying undead and fiends. One of my main focuses is to patrol through the moonsea ride and cull the undead there as often as possible.

    I recently confronted a group of grave robbers in the crypts of Tyche and failed to defeat them. In my defeat I let them leave, however, I continued to pursue the one who summoned an undead to attack me. I ensured he was punished for his transaction, he will bare some scars from Freyja's claws, and let him go. I will continue to watch him for further necromancy.