Pathfinder Daxx c/o Eveningstar Garrison

  • Pathfinder,

    I know you are often gone on patrols to Wyvernwater, something you have to only call me to help with. I was wondering if you had anyone in the scouts that would be interested in helping me with a few tasks as I undertake a Test of Purity.

    My Test requires the following:

    • The gypsies who base themselves out there have had an important herbal remedy stolen from them. Return it to them.
    • Many bandits roaming the roads supposedly have a base in Marliir's March. See if you can find it and raid it.
    • The Tressym Vault has recently undergone...changes, thanks to some slaadi who have taken over it in their search for the Spark. I investigate there to see if there is anything blatantly harmful besides a Well of some great power.

    I have undertaken this Test, as provided by Initiate Jon, to gain the attention of the Bear Spirt. The Bear Spirit I am told is a force of Protection and Justice. Should my worth be proven, I will be provided with Celestial Silver to aid in the crafting of a mighty Halberd against those from of Infernal and Demonic blood.


  • Crown Forces


    The Vault interests me. I have investigated the place in the past to try and solve the missing children's case. To hear it has recently change is troubling. I have the means to enter the means. We'll need to go fishing first.

    I can probably assist on the other two matters as well but will share with my men the invitation.

    -- Pathfinder Daxx

  • Pathfinder,

    Were you to take a personal interest in this matter, I would be grateful. I didn't want to impose. You and most welcome, as are any of your men....and women.



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