Serafina c/o Fine Hells

  • Godsblood, @Mr-Geek

    I have a suitable task for you.

    The Bear Spirit, who is one of the several medians we have with our powers, is a spirit of justice and protectiveness.

    I will grant you what I showed you if you help me earn his favor. I seek the seat of Guardian as a temporary position until someone more suited for the task can claim it. Someone who isn't a backstabbing piece of...I'll leave my choice of words to your imagination.

    As such, I need you to lead groups out to take the bandits who roam the roads to task. There are a few camps I can mention:

    • The gypsies who base themselves out there have had an important herbal remedy stolen from them. Return it to them.
    • Many bandits roaming the roads supposedly have a base in Marliir's March. See if you can find it and raid it.
    • The Tressym Vault has recently undergone...changes, thanks to some slaadi who have taken over it in their search for the Spark. I would have you pursue an investigation there to see if there is anything blatantly harmful besides the Well (which I lack the power to do anything about at the moment)

    Keep me up to date on each task, and bring me proof upon completion. When you are done, we will talk to the Bear and see if he has any words to share with either of us.

    Initiate Jon

  • Initiate,

    I accept these terms and will aid you in you cause of Justice and Protection. I know little of this guardian position though I will accept it is important to you and the natural world you hold dear.

    As mentioned yesterday, work is to begin on crafting a mighty weapon against those deemed outsiders from the Hells and Abyss. It will have an unpleasant side effect in that it could be used against any from the Celestial realms as well. A curious irony in the cause of balance.

    It is the belief that such a halberd may be forged by using the mechanical feathers of a corrupted Deva, melted and then forged with the Celestial Steel. The haft of the weapon may be of White Stag antler or Netherese Steel. Both have advantages. The White Stag is a sacred animal of Nature I am told, and blessed by Silvanus. As you are helping me, I would like to see this weapon crafted with the White Stag antler.

    As we embark on this journey together I thought it needed to be said what my purpose and aim is.

    I will being this test of Purity immediately.


  • Godsblood,

    These are fair terms. However, stag horns are not anti-outsider. Yew wood is, and I could run stag blood through it, so the weapon comes alive when another living being wields it, and therefore only respond when used to purify the world of outsiders. Whether or not it can be granted sentience from there is beyond my means, and we'd need to conduct this ritual at the Pool in the Underdark - meaning we might attract foes who feast on life itself.

    However, I trust you will be able to gather a crew to defend me when the time comes.

    Initiate Jon