Book Submission to the Libary: Wolfsbane, The Lycan Eradication Device

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Preface: The Albino Lycan was a powerful nigh on invunerable lycan that terrorised caravans and travellers within the Hullack and along the Moonsea Ride for numerous years.

    Upon arriving in the region Sir Rowanmantle launched a crusade against it with little sucsess as even Silver, Typically a potent weapon against Lycanthropes did little against it.

    To prove the power of Gonds inventions against even the most powerful of foes I set to create a weapon to bring this beast low.

    The Creation: I decided to focus on Belladonna as the basis of the weapon due to it's highly poisonous nature towards lycanthropes.

    The device was designed to turn the Belladonna into a pressurised gas that would be released when the container it was in was thrown and hit hard against thier skin.

    Blessed holy water obtained by myself and Mistral Ophirae from the peaks of the Stomhorns and mixed with the juice from fire beetles bellies hunted in the sewers to provide heat and turn it into gas form.

    The gas was pressured by alchemical air, Created by the Mistral.

    The Belladonna was obtained from the Isle of Windfall during an expedition led by myself and attended by Lord Bhaliir and Apprentice Victoria Coltsbury, The Belladonna was empowered in a ritual led by the Druid Jon.

    The device was further blessed in a ceremony to Akadi and Gond, Akadi to ask for her winds to make the gas strike true and Gond to bless the device itself and ensure it function fully

    Morn of Talona also said prayers to the mother of plagues to ensure her venom was potent.

    The Assualt.

    The group including members of the Banite Cohort, House Rowanmantle, and many other adventurers departed into the Hullack, Quickly encountering the pack of the Albino, We were beset by powerful lycans too numerous to count, Still with the martial might of our warriors we pressed forward, However the lycans quickly adapted and began to use ambushes and driving into the weaker group members in the rear.

    We eventually came upon the Albino Lycan and the group penned it in while the device was thrown at it, It struck true and the lycan howled in pain and began to claw at it's fur to get the Belladonna off.

    It fled continuing to claw at itself, While the group rained blows upon it while it struck back, Eventually It clawed it's defenses off and our blows struck true, It fell and the group took trophies and returned to Eastway to collect the bounties from Lords Mertoi and Beorthre.

    The lycans head was sacrificed by the Banites upon thier altar, While the hide was taken by Maraduk, The hide still bearing the grevious burns inflicted by the device.

    Closing: Gonds technology has the potential to bring down foes previously thought indestrucable, He makes his tools available to all with creativy enough to design and create them, Give praise to Gond for his technology helps bring around a safer future.

    Special thanks are given to Mistral Ophirae and Jon the Initiate for thier aid in this project

    Seeker Ampharen