Lord Bhaliir

  • Oversword Lord Bhaliir,

    I have been humbled. I spent my time contemplating the nature of roles. The essence of a title and how one -should- aspire to achieve the associated goals. My entire foundation Was laid in hypothesis. A well thought out plan, with no bearing in reality.

    You witnessed what a detailed plan and a lifetime of hypotheticals yields. I also saw the fruits of no actual labor. What a plan will yield without labor. It is humiliation. It is two careers ended in less than 24 hours. It is a tarnished record and loss of what little respect I once recieved from my peers.

    I am broken. I am defeated. Now I am begging. Pleading and without recourse, I ask you take me under tutilage. There will be no redemption without it! I beg you to give me the opportunity the become a better version of myself. I am desperate for a master and a teacher, for all my plotting and high ideas have yielded not but salt in my eyes and red cheeks.

    Please consider me, though I do not deserve consideration.

    Sangre Del Toro

  • House Bhaliir

    [Finally a response is delivered.]

    A dog cannot serve two masters. Nor can it chew the bone of another unless it wants to be bitten.

    Tell me this: Who told you the lies you spew during the election? Whose bidding are you doing now? And why exactly should I bother my time with you?

    The Lords of the realm are a stepping stone for the commoner to climb and thrive through, yet you spat upon it the very first day we met.

    Frankly, I don't have time for mongrels that don't serve a purpose beyond causing me trouble. I've enough bones to bury as it is.

    Signed. Lord Bhaliir


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