Book Submission to the Libary: The Dimensional Anchor, Tilvertons Shield against the Darkness

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Preface: The concept for the Anchor came from the Conjurator Azzams attempts to create a stave known as the dimensional key which would be able to create portals.

    However the design behind the Anchor was not to allow travel to other planes but rather seal off a tear to the Plane of Shadows that Tilverton suffered at the end of the first Shadovar War.

    I designed the Anchor to have strong links to the Higher Planes to counter the Shadows, And the four elemental planes to bring balance to the town. All set in an anchor of Mithral, To hold the blessings of Gond and the Magic contained within

    The Higher Planes.

    For the Link to the Higher Planes, The top of the Anchor was forged from Celestial Silver, A ritual of blessing was performed at one of the highest points in the region, The top of the Stormhorns and the Eye of the Primordial. The Paladins Ben of Shaukandal and Duaen of Torm called upon the power and blessings of their gods to impart their holy power into the Celestial Silver to empower it for the purpose.

    The Water Link.

    I decided to quench the Anchor in blessed waters of Ishitia when it was constructed, To find the best waters I consulted with Calder Daxx, An officer of the Crown and servant of the Water Lord, He suggested that water from the snows of the Primoridal eye should be obtained and then taken to a Healing Spring in the Underdark and this is what occurred, Myself, Daxx and Honest Jack ventured to the top of the Stormhorns, Doing battle with Mountain Bears and even a Giant on the way there.

    Daxx found a suitable spot and melted some snow into a canteen, We then took this canteen to the healing springs of the underdark and Daxx prayed for the Waterlord to bless it.

    The Earth Link

    For this link It was decided to use the essence of a powerful earth elemental, The wizardess Morgan Faulkner of Tilverton learnt an alteration which could drain the essence from elementals, Much like the weaponry of Hardcastles retainers could and she and Mistral Ophirae hunted earth elementals in the underdark, Further quantites of essence were obtained by myself using a blessed hammer of Gond during an expedition led by Lord Bhaliir and attended by the Warforged Sunder and Elodie Ledoux to obtain ore for reconstruction efforts in Old Town.

    The Fire Link:

    The Fire link was obtained with the aid of the Malarite Hunt Band led by the now deceased notorious werebeast Ironfoot, Together we hunted down powerful trophies to offer to the Beastlord to call upon him and ask him to send a powerful creature with fire in it's heart to use to forge the link. The offerings were made in the Hullack, And one of the Forest Spirits, The Spider appeared and demand the group fought each other, Combat broke out and the former member of the Chaos Brigade Nkoni and a strange dwarf who believed he was a Skeleton were victorious. The Spider demanded they maim someone, And they chose to maim a Half orc known as Grag.

    The Spider Spirit rewarded them with cloaks, But said it would call forth the creature the rest of us sought to hunt and we would find it elsewhere in the forest.

    We healed our wounds and hunted down this beast and tore out it's firey gem heart.

    The Air Link:
    Mistral Ophirae provided this link, A powerful Storm Elemental that had been bound into a gem in a ritual in the Thunderpeaks, She had planned to use this in an alchemical portal, But donated it to the Anchor.

    The Anchors Construction:

    The Anchor was forged in Kraliqhs Estate, Prayers were led to Gond for his blessing in this Wonders construction. The forge began to glow with divine energy as construction continued, and Elemental Magics entered the anchor as the links were added. The anchor itself was a true wonder of Gond, An intricate link of whirring cogs, Truly blessed by the Wonderbringer for it's intended purpose

    The Shrines Construction and Consecreation

    With the Anchor completed a large procession headed to Tilverton to consecrate the land set aside for the Rallyhorn Memorial College and Workshops of Gond.
    The Anchor was set on the floor, And prayers to the Wonderbringer said.
    Even in the dead of night a ray of Divine Energy surrounded the Anchor and Myself.
    As the prayers continued the ground itself began to shake and Gond rewarded the village with a fully functioning workshop, shrine and library constructed by his divine hand!

    The Anchor proves that with dedication and faith in the Wonderbringer, That true items of creation and knowledge can be made and that nothing is beyond the faithful of Gond to create.

    I offer special thanks to the following who played a vital part in the Anchors construction

    Ben Barkley of Shaukandal
    Duaen of Torm
    Pathfinder Calder Daxx of the Waterlord
    Morgan Faulkner
    Mistra Ophirae of Akadi

    Seeker Christoph Ampharen


  • Perhaps you can start printing these pamphlets of yours as newspapers and selling them. I am not entirely sure what value they actually add to our library, particularly as individual submissions--they may also make good thank you letters to those who helped you due to the prominent name dropping.

    Could you clarify why you think future generations will be interested in this and thus validate the cost of payment? We may be convinced to offer 250 gold for these two submissions as a single volume we'd entitle "Curious Gondite Inventions".

    Library Staff

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Library Staff

    Gond teaches the knowledge of inventions should be shared so that future generations can learn and further innovate if necessary, It is my hopes that these creations may inspire others to give praise to the Wonderbringer and attempt beneficial acts of creation for the betterment of Arabel and Northern Cormyr.

    Seeker Ampharen