Boris - "Mayor" of Old Town

  • "Mayor",

    I have need of someone in Old Town who I can count on for information, I am sure if I supply you with enough gold and / or gems you could do that for me?

    I don't care much for the muggers and low-lives who ply their trade there and will be happy to look past any minor indiscretions undertaken by your administration if it helps bring down cultists and necromancers.

    Drop me a note if you think this is something you can agree to so we can work out the finer details.

    While you are thinking about it I'd like to know who this Red Lady is and what she is offering people, and why.

    • Royal Scout Tomas Ventari.

  • Mr Purple of the purple knights but not knights because you do skulk around with a bow and not gleaming armour and shiney fancy sword.

    Show me the glimmer of you gems and the weight of the bag holding them and we will talk and connive further!

    Perhaps a dinner date over some finely seasoned turnip stew?

    Future Mayor of Oldtown
    Overseer and Coordinator of the New Oldtown Administration
    Companion and Consort to Gnomenkind of all
    Faithfull stabber and bleeder of the allmighty Albino Mole

    Mr Sir Boris Bumbletongue