A dweomered letter left at a certain rooftop

  • *Under a little pile of rocks upon a certain rooftop, an envelop is found - it, when opened, fires off an illusion sung into the paper, emitting a song and the image of a blue crystalline bird, flying around whoever found the envelop. *

    If you go away, on this summer's day
    Then you might as well, take the sun away
    All the birds that flew, in the endless sky
    When our love was new, and our hearts bright

    And the day was young, and the night was long
    And the moon danced free, to the night bird's song

    If you go away, if you go away, if you go away...

    But if you stay, I'll bring you a day!
    Like none's been to date, or will be again!
    We'll earn all the coin, and stand in the rain!
    On rooftops unseen, to roar with the wind

    My sad knight don't go, for you understand!
    Or leave me enough love, to fill these small hands...

    If you go away, if you go away...

    If you go away, as I know you must
    There'll be nothing left, in the world to trust
    Just an empty ruins, full of empty space
    Like the empty look, I see on your face

    And I will be the shadow, of your shadow
    As if you had kept me... By your side

    If you go away, if you go away
    If you go away, please don't go away

  • -if she checks back it is gone-