Sealed Letter: Mistral Ophirae

  • The letter is sealed with golden wax and embedded in the wax is the symbol of the Golden Guard's Standard in smaller form.


    Mistral Ophirae,

    It would seem you no longer have need of my negotiation skills with regards to the bandits. Ibrahim let me know you talked them into joining the village quite by happenstance. Huzzah! Additionally he mentioned that the keep they previously occupied was going to be renovated to be the Golden Guard's base of operations. You truly are too kind.

    I understand this was not without you benefitting as well, the Golden Guard will continue to patrol the Moonsea Ride, and give the city of Tilverton primary preference when work is offered/needed by the village. Additionally my offer as instructor to your new Militia will officially be part of this contract. With so much going on, we felt it best to put this deal on paper and make it official. Thus it would be valid for 2 months from signing with options for Tilverton to renew at the end of the term for another term.

    What say you?

    -With the highest respect,

    Underneath the signature is the official Standard of the Golden Guard
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  • @mister-moosh


    I would ask for a small clause ensuring that announced caravans passing through the region will receive supplementary support from the Guard as they travel through the Ride until such a time that the Ride is truly pacified. The village will re-reimburse you for documented expenses (within reason). The Guard will be responsible for the first 1500 coin of their expenses, the village anything left after that per caravan.

    I don’t wish to hold this over you or the company, but I am still liable for the taxes on this land and the money used to refurbish the keep. Ensuring caravans pass through our lands unmolested will see some of that coin recouped and build our mutual reputations; everyone wins.

    Should this be acceptable, I thank you for your quick response and your company for their amiable business sense.

    Ophirae Miavyre
    Mistral of Akadi

    Bishopric of Tilverton

  • @TheTwistingWind

    Mistral Ophirae,

    The Golden Guard officially agrees to the clause you wish to add. In return we also wish a small clause of our own added.

    The Golden Guard may have access to the Mistral's appropriate contacts when and only when it pertains to obtaining assistance with future upgrades/renovations to the Keep at the Company's expense.

    Simply put, we are not city planners nor keep planners and we would benefit from you or someone of equal skill's guidance when the time comes for upgrades and/or renovations.

    -With the highest respect,

    Underneath the signature is the official Standard of the Golden Guard
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  • Raynor,

    Not a problem, he's nearly finished with the festhall in Arabel and he'll be moving out here to assist with the Inn, Keep and Trading post. Have I ever mentioned gnomes are incredibly industrious?

    I get tired just watching him.


  • Ophi, @TheTwistingWind

    I hope this letter finds you in good spirits. I promise I'm not avoiding you and our dinner plans, it's just been busy what with negotiating the exemption of the Golden Guard for the Adventurer Tax, and solidifying the contract between Tilverton and the Golden Guard. Soon though, I promise. Do you have a wine preference?

    Oh, please find attached a rough draft of the contract. Let me know if you'd like it to have any edits before I have you, Eso, and Ibra sign it and notarize it.

    -Fair wind thoughts,

    This Master Contract Agreement is effective as of this 20th of Ches, 1397 DR by and between the Golden Guard Mercenary Company (Company) and the Bishopric of Tilverton (Tilverton)

    Contracts of Work
    Company shall in accordance with Tilverton provide the following services:

    • Patrol of the Moonsea Ride ensuring safe passage of those individuals seeking to reach Tilverton and/or travel from Tilverton to nearby habitable areas.
    • Announced caravans will receive supplementary support from Company during travel through the Moonsea Ride until such a time that the prior listed service is no longer required. Company will handle any required expenses for said caravans, with amounts over one thousand five hundred golden lyons being reimbursed to Company by Tilverton.
    • Right of First Preference granted to Tilverton on any and all sub-contracted services required by Tilverton to be carried out by Company.
    • Company shall provide proper weapon instruction for new Tilverton Militia recruits by a Company individual, unless said instruction would impede prior listed services.

    In return for services provided by Company within the Contracts of Work section, Tilverton hearby provides the formerly bandit occupied castle (Keep) within the Moonsea Ride to Company as use as their personal barracks. When the time comes for upgrades and/or renovations Tilverton will provide Company with an experienced planner to oversee and provide guidance on said upgrades and/or renovations

    This Master Contract Agreement will have a two month expiration date, officially ending on the 20th of Mirtul, 1397 DR unless both parties agree to a contractual continuation.


    There are blank spaces by each name

    Ophirae Miavyre, Mistral of Akadi, Bishopric of Tilverton
    F. Esolen, Co-Founder, The Golden Guard Mercenary Company
    Ibrahim Cihan, Co-Founder, The Golden Guard Mercenary Company

    // If you agree to sign it I'll have copies made in game.

  • @mister-moosh

    [The contract is returned signed.]


    You'll find me very easy to please and comfortable in a multitude of situations; feel free to surprise me.