Propaganda from the Heralds of Despair

  • More leaflets are left behind in the dark alleys of the Oldtown, some are dropped intentionally near those unaligned warforged who would walk by...

    **Some of our own Forgebrothers have become weak of mind and frame, some would even consider leaving behind what makes them warforged... And then they would abandon us, try to forget about their time as one of us, or worse, they would turn on us, assemble with the fleshies and seek to put us all back in shackles. That won't happen while the Heralds of Despair remain united and strong!

    The Heralds of Despair extend an hand to the wizards and necromancers of the citadel who would be shunned, put aside or hunted for their mastery over the darker side of the weave and their curiosity to research forbidden knowledge. Our creation we owe it in part to you. Find us, and embrace our protection.**