Tempest's Forge & Plunder

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    Orc Shortsword 800 g
    Adamantine Longsword 1000 g
    Adamantine Shortsword 1000 g
    Adamantine Mace 1000 g
    Bronze Greataxe 1200 g
    Flaming Greatsword (1d4 fire) 1400 g

    Gino's Dagger (+1d4 cold) 600 g
    Sacrificial Dagger (+1d4 negative) 600 g

    Amulet of will (+2) 400 g
    Ring of clear thoughts (+1int) 900 g
    Death's Friend 1500 g
    Shadow Silk Cloak (+5ms/+5hide) 3000g

    Scoured Fighter's Plate (acid 5DR, Pure Fighter) 500g
    Frost Sorceror's Robes (+1lvl1 slot, cold 5DR) 500g

    Silver Gauntlets 3000 g
    Netherese alloyed steel boots 2000 g
    Drow Helmet (+4 mind-affecting, +1ac, etc) 800 g

    Dexterous Ioun Stone (10 charges) 1500 g
    Chime of opening (10 charges) 500 g
    Sussur Root Extractor 3000 g

    Ankhali's Hedge Magic Book 2000g
    Colossal Owlbear's Skull 2500g

    I'm taking orders on silver and bronze axes or swords, prices will vary depending on the weapons.


    Rubicite : 500 each
    Netherese Alloy : 500 each
    Iron Rings: 500 each

  • I'll buy the Netherese steel boots, and sell you an alloy.


  • I will purchase the root extractor.

    Thaloc of Clan Theidugan.

  • I would be interested in the Colossal Owlbear Skull.


  • First come, first served.

  • I'll take the plate when I see you next, Warforged.

    Faenor Farthrow