Letter: House Dauntinghorn

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Ser Dauntinghorn and Retainers

    I ask that you write to the council and support the Church of Gonds latest proposal

    The Church of Gond calls upon the Council of Arabel to open the Pit and allow adventurers to mine the ore within in return for a fee payable to the City.

    The City will continue to enjoy the Wonderbringers favour if he is honoured by the creation of goods that the undoubtedly by used to create.

    Citizens and Adventurers! Make your voices heard to the council so they see the benefits this will bring

    Seeker Ampharen

    It would likely bring in funds for the city, encourage creation of new items by local craftsmen and hopefully stop this adventuring tax, As adventurers are much more likely to pay for something that benefits them then that gives them nothing

    Seeker Ampharen

  • @verk The letter is showed to @Lady-of-Dungeons Valeria, and a responce penned to Ampharen

    Its something to speak of in person. I have no official standing in the city, nor does my family have many interests this far north, but as a loyal servant of Cormyr I will always support projects that further our great kingdom. I or my retainer Valeria Ashwood will find you soon to speak on the topic.

    Evander Dauntinghorn

  • Storyteller [DM]


    This matter rather slipped my mind when we spoke yesterday.

    I would be most grateful if you could bring it up when you discuss other subjects with your peers in the north.

    Adventurers being able to pay a small fee to mine in the pit brings many benefits to the city. There could be incentives for adventurers to trade excess ore to the factory such as discounts on the wands and potions of Gond.

    The factory itself provides many of the cities trade goods and weaponry that the militia and purple dragons use. When criminals paid their debts to society through labour the ore mined went to the factory.

    With the pits closure it has relied on imports of ore from elsewhere. Thus decreasing capacity and increasing prices.

    The increased capacity would aid the regions economy.

    I'm sure you agree a Festhall provides little overall benefit to the city and the revels would be very costly.

    Seeker Ampharen

  • Storyteller [DM]

    House Dauntinghorn.

    This poster concerns me greatly

    A new day shall rise!

    Rejoice and hear the good words of the Prophet Ini-Herit!

    The false sun shall soon be extinguished, the shadows it cast pushed aside. The night sky shall awaken with the new suns; there shall be eight in number - wait for their coming and prepare all faithful!

    First shall come Caiphon the Violet Sun!

    We call upon the faithful to prepare, we call upon the repentant to hear the truth!

    Ini-Herit was supposedly a High Priest of Amunator, But this seems odd even for those

    I have requested that a War Wizard accompanies an expedition I plan to lead to Bherksen in search of answers as only they can demand Ini-Herit provides acsess

    Warden Ampharen