Letter: Dwarven Host

  • Dwarves of Thunderholme

    I ask that you write to the Council and support this proposal

    The Church of Gond calls upon the Council of Arabel to open the Pit and allow adventurers to mine the ore within in return for a fee payable to the City.

    The City will continue to enjoy the Wonderbringers favour if he is honoured by the creation of goods that the undoubtedly by used to create.

    Citizens and Adventurers! Make your voices heard to the council so they see the benefits this will bring

    Seeker Ampharen

    You would be able to pay a small fee and gain acsess to valuable veins of ore between the city for any projects you may need such for.

    It would be good honest work and benefit the city and hopefully see an end to this ludicrous tax

    Seeker Ampharen

  • Feel free to send the following to the Council in my stead, though I do not speak for Queen Brita.

    It is a fool who would not recognize the use and value in the opening of the Pit for paid mining. It needn't interfere with the purpose of the festhall, and the festhall may even provide useful amenities to the hardworking miners to enjoy after a long days work.

    Thaloc of Clan Theidugan,
    The Dwarven Host of Arabel.

    Thaloc of Clan Theidugan.

  • Thalroc.

    Is there anyway that Queen Britas support could be earned for this, I would hate to see such a valuable resource squandered when it could do much for the city

    Seeker Ampharen

  • The Dwarven Royalty of Thunderholme has no desire to take part in this discussion.
    You have the support of myself, and perhaps other Dwarves, though the official sanctioning of Thunderholme is hardly required for such an effort.

    Thaloc of Clan Theidugan.