Letter: Pathfinder Daxx, Scout Ventari

  • Daxx, Ventari.

    I ask you to support the Church of Gonds motion to reopen the pit as a mining facility that adventurers can pay to enter in groups and mine.

    The Church of Gond calls upon the Council of Arabel to open the Pit and allow adventurers to mine the ore within in return for a fee payable to the City.

    The City will continue to enjoy the Wonderbringers favour if he is honoured by the creation of goods that the undoubtedly by used to create.

    Citizens and Adventurers! Make your voices heard to the council so they see the benefits this will bring

    Seeker Ampharen

    I expect it would prove to be popular and bring in funds, So this highly unpopular Adventuring Tax can be scrapped

    Seeker Ampharen

  • Warden,

    We will discuss your proposal, however I expect an offer to the Kings Army for a cut of whatever is found to aid our own causes wouldn't go amiss.

    • Royal Scout Ventari.

  • Royal Scout.

    I intend to offer incentives for those who donate excess ore to the Factory and Temple of Gond

    It is my understanding that it makes much of the cities trade goods and weaponry used by the Eveningstar Garrison and Militia.

    When the Pit was used to sentence criminals the ore was delivered to the factory for this purpose.

    With the Pits closure it now relys on imports of ore elsewhere which has driven the cost up.

    If this proposal goes through it should expand the factories capability and ensure much quicker deliveries

    Seeker Ampharen

  • Warden,

    When do you need an answer on this and what sort of support you are looking for? Written missive to the council?

    -- Pathfinder Daxx

  • Daxx

    Yes, A written missive to the council is what I was looking for, If citizens and others make their voices heard to the council they will have to support it.

    An answer in the next day or so would be most useful

    Warden Ampharen

  • Warden,

    An answer will be forwarded once we have verified some information concerning the Pit. We'll let you know as soon as we get the answers we seek.

    -- Pathfinder Daxx

  • Daxx.

    My thanks.

    I'll perhaps try and speak with Kraliqh. If Hardcastle once owned the pit it may have been one of the properties he inherited from him. That would make things simple as I could likely convince him to place it under the care of the Gondite church and I could forbid the Festhall being built over it.

    I'm unsure who does actually own the pit though or if Hardcastle ever did.

    Seeker Ampharen