The Vernal Raed Begins!

  • Fairy Hunter
    A variety of prizes
    Though kept as surprises
    For those who hunt this day

    Waiting in the green
    Is prey, angry and mean
    Be wary of the evil fey

    Those who return with a tale
    For all to hear, and regale
    Will find themselves a spot of luck

    So come one, come all
    Charge forth, stand tall
    And may your arrows fly true-struck

    Come hunting at any point during the day to participate in the Raed. Make sure you tell the story of your greatest takedown, and there are prizes available - rather powerful ones in the right hands.

    Initiate Jon, Circle of the Verdant Lord

  • Damion
    We fought through a team of elite bandits...warriors, archers, and mages. We cleared an ancient druid site of goblins, but then we attracted the wrath of a colossal feral owlbear! The ground shook with its stomps and the trees parted with its rage. Even the half-orc bandit fled before it. Past the ancient stones and apple tree, lost in a maze of trees as it set its beak on my companion.

  • Evander
    I tried firing a gnomish egg at bandits, and ended up vomiting when it hit me. We found a gryphon and saved it. And then I got lost on the way back.

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