Join The Great Evaders!

  • [A big sign up sheet posted by a plump halfling]

    The Great Evaders want you!
    Guild objective: To not pay taxes (by applying as a guild)
    Guild obligations: Join up
    Guild sign-up requirements: Have done something awesome for the city

    To join, please sign your name below with one or more deeds you have performed for the city for which you did not receive payment. If you're feeling ambitious, add something about your continued value to the city.

    (Disclaimer: I loudly called out the Chancellor about the tax law being foolish and implied that allowing some guilds to be exempt at her discretion after paying an administration fee of unspecified amount seemed like a corrupt policy. Also that she was punishing the poor by making them criminals if they could not afford the 500 lyon "tax")

    -- Sugo Oakely, Guild Grand Master

  • First Amendment to the heretofore non-existent charter of The Great Evaders:
    We are now a subset of the newly reformed Adventurer's Guild. If you wish to apply to the Adventurer's Guild as a Great Evader, please note it in your application to Orne'Virlim.
    -- Grand Master Sugo