Reply to Tomas Ventari

  • A plain sheet of paper has been posted next to the official letter by Tomas Ventari. The handwriting is in neat, orderly cursive and signed with an over dramatic, almost loud, signature.

    Dear Royal Scout Tomas Ventari,

    This is a response to your posting on information of Lathandarite faithful, clergy, and followers! I will be happy to answer any and all questions you have regarding the Morninglord’s faith. I am not a priestess but I was raised among his faithful clergy and am still devout to his faith.
    As for holy sites, there is a Morninglord temple in Eveningstar that I am sure you are likely aware of!
    However, the new and exciting settlement called Tilverton would also be a good place to find his faithful as the Morninglord also looks fondly and blesses such a new creation of community and unity.

    I am only aware of myself and the Lord Evander Dauntinghorn as being devout faithful in the city so far. I hope this helps!

    Joy of the dawn,

    Valeria Ashwood.

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