Thayan Arena Punishment Loot

  • I think that it would be interesting that if a character fails to put on a good show during the Thayan Arena and loses, he should be given a bit of cursed punishment loot. Ideally it won't be entirely negatives, but enough so that it's a bit of a pain in the ass to possess and gives players a small plot to pursue!

    Optionally the curses could be tailored to the characters greed, or just a bit of poetic justice in being almost the opposite of what is truly useful for them.

    I know a lot of people find the lack of any real punishment for losing during the Thayan Arena to be irksome, and plenty hate being maimed/suffering XP loss, so this may be a nice, fun, healthy medium!


  • The idea is awesome but...

    What makes for a boring fight? Unnecessary stalling?

  • Typically I'll see a boring fight as someone who's trying to be super cheap with their supplies, running away from the enemy at the slightest bit of targeting, and so on.

  • And what's the difference between getting your arm chopped off and requiring a rare spell of regeneration or getting a cursed shield of -2 ac and needing a more powerful variant of the remove curse spell to get rid of this thing?

  • Arms don't grow back with regeneration spells.

  • No ability penalties, I guess! Like I said, ideally the cursed shield wouldn't be JUST negatives, it'd probably have something to soften the blow.
    Plus, the curse removal would be less "gather Mythalite to use remove curse on" and more "Do x thing", like Beauty and the Beast or so.

  • Arthur East's cursed armour was actually kinda good stat-wise iirc, though I'd need him to weigh in to be sure - though it looked shitty and it meant he got made fun of a little.