Letter left for Ophirae

  • Priestess,

    I had the pleasure of stopping by Tilverton today. On my way there I encountered a warband of goblins and near hordes of undead along the road. They seem to be congregating near the shrine of the dark sister and near the entrance to the town. They weren't all trifling either. There was a mummy I would have been unable to defeat were it not for a magic fang spell cast on Hircine. I was also ambushed by more undead upon my exit from the town, luckily I was aided by a passing druid. I'll continue to traverse the woods around the town and use it as my main stopping point in the future.


  • @latoksinned


    Good to hear from you! We're aware of the issue with that damned shrine, and we're exploring options to see it removed as well as the ground re-sanctified- I'd welcome ideas if you come up with any. With our recent subduing of a local bandit group, we've established a foothold on the Ride and will be using the keep to launch more patrols to keep the road clear.

    I hope you and your companion are all right, and please keep us in mind if you need anything or you'd like to consider setting up shop here, we have plenty of room and we're always looking for ideas.


    Ophirae Miavyre
    Mistral of Akadi

  • Priestess,

    Unfortunately another ambush by rather powerful undead, coupled with dozens of skeletons in tow, lead to the death of my dear friend Hircine. I too, was gravely injured, however I am recovering. This just focuses my resolve more against the walking dead and their need to be destroyed, though I will take greater care in the future when traveling the road, as it can be quite deadly.

    It is strange you should mention bandits, as when I was exploring a group of bandits attacked me from a fortress on the moonsea ride. This was before the last ambush and luckily... Hircine and I were able to stop them. As a follower of the dark sister's twin, I have no love for her, however, toying with a god's shrine might prove unwise. Perhaps we could enlist the local druids to aid us in erecting some kind of barrier of nature to keep the influence of the shrine from spreading out from it's alcove. I'd much rather need to patrol against bandits and wild animals than undead and fiends.


  • Priestess,

    I took part in a hunt for a local druid. After the hunt was completed I tracked down a pure white stag. The druid lead it to the farmlands outside of Tilverton and had me face it to finish the hunt. Hopefully the magic it imparts will aid in the town to come. Though my way is to not have a home aside from under the stars. I hope to do my best for the town as my favorite landing spot.

    Thank you,