Pathfinder Daxx

  • @TheMinionOfArabel

    [This parchment arrives in a fine envelope on very high quality stock.]


    It is my pleasure to inform you that the Church has managed to secure the old fortress on the Moonsea Ride and subdued local bandits in the region that have been raiding caravans and the like. A group of mercenaries working with us will be taking over control of the keep and ensure the Ride is more thoroughly patrolled while we work to get our more permanent fixtures set up, to include the Order I spoke of in our files.

    While we have not finished the work yet, soon we hope to see our trading post raised and a caravansary established. We hope this will expedite civilian and military supplies and personnel through our neck of the woods. We will offer succor if it is within our capability to wounded soldiers and the like that are coming back from the Dalelands or Desert. It is a small victory, but we all know how important even small ones can be.

    Soon we hope to re-open our mines and begin the more curious experimentation that we might offer the Crown weapons and other equipment to aid them in their fights. Now that roads are clearer (though not perfect) we invite you to make use of the new paths as need arises.


    Ophirae Miavyre
    Mistral (High Priestess) of Akadi

    Bishopric of Tilverton

  • Mistral,

    Excellent work. You are making good progress. I will inform my superiors of this and let them know there is a safe haven along the road for our wounded men that may come through your way.

    Pathfinder Daxx