*letter to the chancellor's office*

  • Chancellor,

    The new adventurer's tax is presenting itself as a problem toward the defence of the north and Cormyr as a whole. With the Dark War raging, we must rely on the noble houses AND adventurers for the investigation of potential threats, their removal, and the defence of the Country. Already a number of the adventurers we hire have left the Country.

    How do you intend to see this workforce replaced? I fear the noble houses may have their hands full already.

    While on the subject, I request that the Golden Guards be granted exemption from the tax as they are hired regularly by the Crown Forces to assist in the defence of Cormyr.

    Other organizations may be listed for requests of exemption as they make themselves available to assist our forces, along with the noble houses, to protect Cormyr and the North.

    On a side note, I am certain it was a mere oversight, but I do not see the Crown Forces listed with the organizations exempt from the tax.

    For King and Country

    Pathfinder Calder Daxx
    Royal Scout Division of the Purple Dragons of Cormyr
    Eveningstar Garrison

  • Pathfinder Daxx,

    The adventurers leaving Arabel evidently didn't care enough about our city to even request exemption, because I've only had three written requests. Either that or they're complaining without the will to back up their words with action.
    The tax was put in place to fund projects for the betterment of Arabel and to have coin on hand to fix any damage they cause, such as the gnomish adventurer that burned down a house recently.

    The Golden Guard has already been in contact with the Council seeking exemption from the tax. I'll take your words as a recommendation.

    Finally, yes, the Crown Forces weren't intentionally left out. I shall correct the mistake.

    Warm thoughts,

    ~ Elodie Ledoux ~
    Chancellor of Arabel
    Sensate of the Succubus of Sensation

  • Chancellor,

    The nature of adventurers is to go where the adventure and the glory is. And the coins. It is why so many have left Arabel, and some, even the country. Yes, they do not care enough, but it does not make them less necessary. Especially now. Thankfully, this tax only applies to Arabel itself. Seems I will have to hire out of Eveningstar and Eastway from now on.

    It would be appreciated if the exemption of the Golden Guards is put in priority. We require them for several cases that will get them all over the North, Arabel included.

    The Crown Forces thank you for the correction on the announcement.

    Pathfinder Daxx

  • To the Chancellor's Office,

    An exemption of the adventurers' tax will be granted to the following mercenary companies:
    The Red Ravens
    The Green Dragons

    Both companies are in the employ of the Crown in the Dark War and other areas that requires armed force presence. No roster will be provided as their current posting seems them losing men daily and recruiting new ones the next day.

    For King and Country,

    -- Pathfinder Daxx

  • Pathfinder,

    The two companies were already made exempt after the Golden Guard negotiated on their behalf.
    So long as it can be proven that an individual is a member of these companies they won't need to pay the tax.

    Please ensure they're made aware.

    ~ Elodie Ledoux ~
    Chancellor of Arabel
    Sensate of the Succubus of Sensation

  • Chancellor,

    They will be made aware if they have not been already.
    Thank you for your time.

    -- Pathfinder Daxx