The Village of Tilverton Welcomes Adventurers!

  • The curse over Tilverton has been broken, and with it the darkness that denied the land Akadi’s Azure promise. The Church of Akadi is comprised of people from as many varied walks of life as those who walk down the road of adventuring.

    Akadi’s free spirited exploration of things great and small, and Her invitation to all to seek their enlightenment through their interests extends perfectly into those who’s profession is adventuring. Whether fame, glory, preserving history or protecting the innocent, these interests- as unique as those who hold them- are sacred and should be pursued!

    Therefore, anything and anyone working to stifle the natural expression of their (non-harmful) interests and freedom of someone’s right to chose their path in life is violating one of the most sacred tenets in the Akadian faith.

    It is not place of, nor in the interest of those who follow the Elemental paths to dictate law to a city-- rulers and laws change frequently-- but it is within the power of the Church of Akadi and the Bishopric of Tilverton to offer a place to adventurers who are not content with the tax on their profession.

    We invite those who would seek out their fortune through adventuring to join our growing village-- free of taxation. We invite you to set up an adventuring guild, to become part of our community and to show through non-violence that there are opportunities for anyone here. You need not pledge yourself to Akadi to receive Her blessing; you’re free to chose your own path in life and we are here to help facilitate that.

    Church of Akadi
    Bishopric of Tilverton

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