Arabel Militia

  • @verk @Lyarie

    I sadly present this document in light of grave issue with an Arabellan Council Judge, Sangre.

    As you will have already received my legal challenge I will focus on crimes committed by the Judge on my person and the City

    Impersonation of Authority

    • Judge Sangre represented herself as a Peace Official. She showed no credentials to that fact. It is my belief after a review of the King's Writ and Arabellan Law book, both revised and former, that a Judge does not hold the designation of Peace Official.

    Reckless Endangerment

    • Judge Sangre has levelled a charge(s) of Slandering a Peace official and hire a dwarf to forcibly claim the money. This in itself is a crime as no position of Bailiff exists nor is the Judge empowered to place bounties. I will resist any attempts to illegally bring me before any court, theft or other actions. He recklessness has put innocents in danger.

    Armed/Magical Assault

    • I named her Oathbreaker once it came to my knowledge that she was dishonorably discharged for failing to uphold her duty to the King and realm. After failing to convince me of her innocence and admit her wrong she enspelled herself and assaulted me with the full power of her magically enhanced sword and person. As she is not a Peace Official, I was well within my rights to have killed her in self defence but did not. I took injuries as I defended myself, even going so far as to toss away my halberd to try and restrain her.

    I have petitioned the Courts to have her censured and put up for review.

    I fear that this is a sample of any rulings that she may hand down. Furthermore, if is my belief, given her already breaking of one oath, as well as the very laws she is entrusted to bring Justice to criminals with make her unfit for office. She may bring undue harm to the militia with her short sightedness and rulings.

    Declared by my own hand,

    Chained Herald in service to Sariel

  • Admin [DM]


    This isn't how it works. The Militia levies the charge, the judge rules on it. Outside of the Court and during a trial, they hold no authority over the citizenry or forces of the city. Of course, the Chancellor may have made changes and forgot to tell us. Wouldn't be the first time.


    Lieutenant Sergei

  • Storyteller [DM]


    I agree. The Judge is acting illegally.

    Charges will be incoming against Sangre and this Fignar.

    I'll prepare the warrants.

    Warden Ampharen

  • Storyteller [DM]

    a response is also sent to Serafina


    You are correct. The Judge acted illegally and had no right to issue charges against you.

    There is no legally recognized organization known as the Baliffs by the city.

    The Judge and Fignar will be facing charges for their crimes. Though I am inclined to press lesser charges on Fignar as he was likely misled by Sangre

    Warden Ampharen

  • Warden,

    Thank you for your personal attention to this matter.

    My concerns are for Justice and the gross illegality of a Judge. Fignar is known to me as a mercenary, one of the Golden Guard. He undoubtedly accepted this as a legal contract, trusting to the truthfulness and competence of a council judge. I agree full heartedly that he was misinformed and misled so should you find it prudent, Justice would not be served by any charges levelled against him.

    With respect

  • @verk Warden,

    May I have an update on the case against Sangre. I am striving to see Justice carried out and have her removed from the Council Judges but the Chancellor is reluctant to discharge Sangre for unknown reasons.

    To the charge of Impersonating Authority

    I have taken it upon myself to secure one witness statement as well as the record of the public sending:

    "Serefina may come to spire to freely pay her fine of 1200 gold. stemming from four charges of slandering a peace official. Or. she can wait for my Bailiff to come to collect, who is a deputized peace official in this specific situation."

    This misused and misinform "Baliif" then responded to the effect of:
    [A snort through the sending system] Alright alright - dun make this hard on me lass. I be the bailiff of the judge and there ain't be none in this city that can take me. Come give me the fine and ye be square. Ye seem fine enough I dun wanna have ta take it. -Fignar-

    To the matter of Armed/Magical Assault:

    [a note reaches Seraphina]
    Miss Seraphina,

    The judge saw fit to argue with you an insult the army and your person. She even enspelled herself and attacked you. I heard the casting, but I did not see the first strike. You will need to see with the other present for testimony.

    On a separate matter, any who join the army swear an oath to serve King and Country and obey their superiors.
    She was dishonorably discharged for sevaeal reasons. Should judge Johan require a copy of the declaration made by the Battlemaster, he can contact the castle any say.

    Pathfinder Daxx

    This seems to be such an clear cut matter. The Judge Sangre claimed Slandering of a Peace Offical, levied a fine, deputized someone to collect this fine and assaulted me in the Spire fully enspelled with a sword.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter

    With respect,

  • Storyteller [DM]


    I have issued a warrant, It is simply a case that none of my men have seen her to enforce this warrant

    Warden Ampharen

  • Warden,

    Thank you for the confirmation. Should the chancellor ask, Sangre has been charged with Impersonation of Authority, Armed/Magical Assault and Reckless Endangerment?


  • Storyteller [DM]


    Impersonation of authority and armed/magical assualt are the charges.

    Warden Ampharen