Arabel Court: Legal Challenge

  • //Left at the Courthouse with copies forwarded to the Militia and Council @verk @Mozart-of-Orcs,

    Esteemed Judges,

    I sadly present this document in light of grave issues with one of your own, Sangre.

    A fine of 1200 crowns has been levelled against me for Slandering of a peace official, specifically for naming her Oathbreaker.

    • Challenge- The position of Council Judge was not recognized nor an official part of the Arabellan Lawbook.
    • On this point along, there is no cause for any charge or fine as a non-existent position

    Challenge- A Council Judge is not a Peace Official in the eyes of the Law.

    • No where in the King's Writ or the Arabel Lawbook old and revised, does it name a council Judge as a peace official. As only those given a militia badge or so deputized, may enact arrest or those do deputized may enact arrests and in the absence of specific clarification, by proxy issue fines. A judge by definitions available is therefore not a Peace Official.
    • The Judge was acting outside their office in issuing any fine.

    Challenge- Appointment of Bailiff

    • No where in the King's Writ or the Arabel Lawbook old and revised, does it empower a Judge to appoint a Bailiff
    • No where in the King's Writ or the Arabel Lawbook old and revised, does it acknowledge the position of Court Bailiff
    • The hiring of one Fignar to collect any monies by threat on my person or forcibly deliver me to the Courts is illegal.


    I ask the courts to dismiss all charges and fine against me.
    As Judge Sangre has shown to be incompetent and lacking knowledge of the true nature of Justice, she should be censured immediately and put up for review.
    I will be filing a report with the Militia to have the Judge charged with:

    • Armed/Magical Assault
    • Reckless Endangerment
    • Impersonation of Authority

    Closing Summary
    The judge is does not understand the true nature of Justice and as a servant of Good and holding Justice as one of the Holy Virtues, cannot see this stand.

    The judge carries sin on her soul and I offer a hand of Compassion to help her through troubles and guide her back to that which is Justice. In the time during deliberation, I will pray for the Judge's soul and salvation.

    Declared by my own hand,

    Chained Herald in service to Sariel

  • Dearest Serafina,

    The passion with which you portray your rigid accusation doth almost leap from the parchment and set my desk ablaze. I lament at the thought these very serious charges being levied against the fragile flower known as Sangre. Yet from the lips of one who's soul has been kissed by the very heavens it is difficult to dismiss them out of hands.

    Were that I could will myself into your presence at this very moment I would. Lament not, for I shall endeavour to find you as soon as I have a free moment. It breaks my heart to ask of you to still your passions until then. So I shall only weep in silence at my own impotence.

    Sergeant Olivia Lengram

    //Also sorry was going through like 17 posts I'd missed and responding to them, didn't see which forum this one was in

  • These facts and statements are clearly meritorious. However, full details and a rebuttal are required. If they are not obtained shortly, then the charges will be reversed.

    Judge Johan

  • @Mr-Moloch Can you clarify what you are looking for and if that is directed ICly to Serafina please?

  • //well since the other player took a break here, basically, its you providing evidence they can't speak against--so you'll certainly 'win' if you just send some more to back up what you say happened and they aren't doing it cause they took a break! 😉

  • Esteemed Judge,

    I have requested an update with the Militia on the case against Sangre. I am striving to see Justice carried out and have her removed from the Council Judges but the Chancellor is reluctant to discharge Sangre for unknown reasons.

    To the charge of Impersonating Authority

    I have taken it upon myself to secure one witness statement as well as the record of the public sending:

    "Serefina may come to spire to freely pay her fine of 1200 gold. stemming from four charges of slandering a peace official. Or. she can wait for my Bailiff to come to collect, who is a deputized peace official in this specific situation."

    This misused and misinform "Baliif" then responded to the effect of:

    [A snort through the sending system] Alright alright - dun make this hard on me lass. I be the bailiff of the judge and there ain't be none in this city that can take me. Come give me the fine and ye be square. Ye seem fine enough I dun wanna have ta take it. -Fignar-

    To the matter of Armed/Magical Assault:

    [a note reaches Seraphina]
    Miss Seraphina,
    The judge saw fit to argue with you an insult the army and your person. She even enspelled herself and attacked you. I heard the casting, but I did not see the first strike. You will need to see with the other present for testimony.
    On a separate matter, any who join the army swear an oath to serve King and Country and obey their superiors.
    She was dishonorably discharged for sevaeal reasons. Should judge Johan require a copy of the declaration made by the Battlemaster, he can contact the castle any say.
    Pathfinder Daxx

    There were additional witnesses ((Including NPCs)) present but I believe that public sending and the word of one of the King's Pathfinders carry damning proof of guilt.

    The Judge Sangre claimed Slandering of a Peace Offical therefore claimed to be a Peace Official, which a Council Judge is not and is a Capital Crime- Impersonating Authority.She then authorized/levied a fine, deputized someone to collect this fine

    Previously she had Armed and Magically assaulted me in the Spire fully enspelled with a sword.

    On a personal note, the Chancellor indicated that you are quite ill and may not be able to attend any trial, fearing you would be overly taxed? It worries me that you might be ill or if not the case as you assured me, then the Chancellor seeks to exclude you from this.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter. Should your require additional information or assistance please ask. I hope you feel better soon, though if the cold does not subside in the next few days, it would be prudent to seek out attention.

    With respect,

  • Additional witness testimonial

    "It is with great sadness I afford myself as witness to the attack on your person made by a Judge of Arabel after you and myself requested a list of her qualifications, and took her recent dismissal from the Purple Dragon army into account. She became deranged and violent after you brought light to the fact that her discharge was in fact dishonorable, and you branded her an Oathbreaker. I saw with my own eyes her retreat, and the casting of spells on her own person to enhance her abilities. Following this, she became hostile and attacked you from a position of strength, with a weapon, whilst you were unarmed.
    However your superior prowess as a warrior showed through as you easily laid waste to the threat without seriously injuring her. We then left the city with the Purple Dragon Pathfinder, Daxx. While on our mission of patroling the islands, making safe the realm of Cormyr as it were, we recieved a sending regarding a good friend of ours, Fignar, being tasked with collecting a bounty on your person for unknown crimes in the excess of 1500 golden lyons. Fignar stated he had the permission of the city Judge Sangre to forcefully take the coin from you if necessary. " -Eso

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