Sealed Letter: Mistral Ophirae

  • The letter is sealed with blue wax and embedded in the wax is a simple capital letter "R".



    Forgive my rudeness in writing you separately versus just updating you via the village files. You see Eso and I had an excursion into an old abandoned factory and we found a golem part for you and the village. Tyche saw fit to allow me the first pick of the loot and I thought of you and selected this golem part right away.

    I thought that the perfect way to present this part to you would be over that dinner you wanted to have with me. I know you are probably terribly busy, but I would be more than happy to make my way out to Tilverton for this dinner and golem part get together.

    Let me know when works best for you.


  • @mister-moosh


    Once more you impress. From experience, be careful with setting the bar so high, it allows perilous little room for error over the long term.

    How about today at some point, perhaps the Fine Hells? I have a private place there we can speak.



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