Citizen Sangre

  • You are dismissed dishonorably from the Purple Dragons of Cormyr. You swore an oath to the King, you have broken this oath to curry favor with politicians and soiled your uniform and dishonored your superiors in a blatant effort to gain greater authority than you have earned.

    All gear shall be returned immediately to the garrison.

    Lord Paertrover
    Battlemaster of the Northern Marches

  • As you command, Lord.

    -Judge Sangre

  • --Another letter arrives--

    It hadn't occurred to me to ask, how have I violated my oath and what did I do to gain favors?


  • I am certain you will figure this out judge perhaps your master who holds no rank in the Purple Dragon Army can explain it to you. If you still remember where your uniform is, you may return it to me. Do not bother your superiors again judge.

    Sword Major Cooperson

  • I was appointed Judge by the Chancellor because she asked to me, but I'll bring my uniform by.

    -Judge Sangre