Pathfinder Daxx/Blade Sangre

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    I have been in contact with a local oathtaker of draconc decent that wishes to speak to a member of the army. He is afraid of approaching the garrison for obvious reasons, however he has been sent on a diplomatic mission by his tribe- something about his clutch brother having attacked the west recently (presumably on his own).

    His name is Irthovrak, and he requests a meeting face to face to share words (since he is unable to read). I've spent a fair bit of time around him and I believe him to be very sincere in his desires, I'd strongly encourage you to meet with him if time allows, just keep an open mind.


    Mistral Ophirae Miavyre

  • @TheTwistingWind

    I will make myself available as soon as possible. I've been hoping to get relations sorted with the lizardfolks, and I've heard he is related. The warden say he is a half-black-dragon?

    One tribe has sworn fealty to the King and I've been looking to pick the case and see negotiation with the Prince, and other tribes done.

    Let him know we do not hold the lizards accountable for this attack. We know it was the illithid.

    -- Pathfinder Daxx