Ophirae Miavyre

  • I am Orne'Virlim and write to tell you I have seen ice elementals in the Stormhorn mountains several times. I can be reached at Maleens Tower for now.

    I also though am reforming the Adventuring Guild of Arabel. If this ridiculous adventuring tax continues I will bring my entire company to your village and wish to be of any aid I can in return for that residency being extended to all members of the guild.


  • @pwny_express


    This letter was an unexpected but pleasant surprise, I’ve often been through the Stormhorns, yet I confess it’s been some time since I’ve made the trek. With Tilverton keeping me so busy, I may have missed a shift in the currents. How fortunate that you found them!

    When we meet, I’ll have five hundred coin ready for you for this information. Thank you.

    This may surprise you to know, but there was actually an adventurer’s guild in Tilverton before the disaster befell it. The building where it used to stand is nothing more than a crater now, but there was a time where such a thing existed there. I see no reason such a thing couldn’t exist once more, and in fact I would love to see it.

    Typically, we offer land to those who bring value to the community in some fashion. We have many projects- some practical (like raising our mercantile hall, fleshing out the fields so they’re ready for planting season, etc) and some a bit more on the wild side (We have a Sharran altar within our lands still raising undead we need to get rid of and soon, we will be announcing a knightly order based upon the teachings of the Primordials.)

    If these sorts of things interest you, I would urge you to check out the village, take a look around- maybe learn of the recent history in our college- and speak with Morgan Faulkner, myself or any member of the Golden Guard to see if Tilverton would be a good fit for your organization.

    I look forward to speaking with you and thank you again for this information.


    Ophirae Miavyre
    Mistral of Akadi

    Bishopric of Tilverton

  • Orne'Virlim,

    I must thank you again for this heads up. Our hunt was more than successful and we managed to find several powerful samples of what we were after. Because of this, I'm sending along an extra two hundred and fifty coin, and my deepest thanks for such a high quality lead.



  • How pleasant. I am glad to help. I wander the mountains my mother called home for decades. I will enjoy meeting you. I visited your small village and enjoy this too. I am most interested in your college. I have much knowledge I can share with goodly people who honor the primordials.

    I will seek you out.