Adventurer's Tax

  • Citizens of Arabel,

    On the first day of the next week ((Monday 19th March)) adventurers will be required to pay weekly taxes to the City Vaults to fund future projects for the betterment of the commonfolk, nobility and adventurers alike.
    These projects are soon to be announced, so keep your eyes trained on your nearest Bulletin Board!

    Below is everything an adventurer will need to know about the Adventurer's Tax:

    How much is my tax?
    The Adventurer's Tax is 500 Golden Lyons per seven-day week.

    What is an Adventurer?
    An Adventurer will be defined as an (usually armed) individual whose income is largely made from mercenary work and/or selling un-taxed crafted wares and plundered spoils.

    How to pay your tax:
    The Militia, Chancellor's Guard, and contracted Tax Collectors will be available on the city streets to deposit your tax and receive the current week's Tax Receipt with your Unique Tax Identification Number (UTIN).
    Contracted Tax Collectors will be carrying Letters of Marque describing their purpose and may be asked to display it before paying your tax to them.

    Tax Receipts:
    Once you have paid your tax, the Tax Collector will provide you with a copy of a unique receipt that proves you have paid your tax on that day. The original will be filed with the Militia and Council to ensure proof of your payment is always available.
    If you're approached by a Tax Collector and possess the current week's Tax Receipt simply display it to the Tax Collector .
    Tax Receipts expire after seven full days.

    Tax Evasion:
    If you fail to pay your Adventurer's Tax you will be found guilty of Tax Evasion.
    If you're found to be holding a Tax Receipt that has been expired for seven days or longer you will be found guilty of Tax Evasion.
    Tax Evasion is a Petty crime, but repeat offenders or those found purposefully avoiding their duty to the City of Arabel will be punished with higher severity.

    Tax Exemption:
    Adventurers will find themselves exempt of the Adventurer's Tax should they instead choose to provide service for the City by donning the uniform of the Militia or King's Army, serving the City Council as a member of the Chancellor's Guard, or by seeking employment in the houses of the local nobility (Bannermen are not exempt from the Adventurer's Tax).
    Other companies, factions, guilds or businesses may apply to the City Council to become a Registered Organisation exempt of the Adventurer's Tax. Speak or send word to Chancellor Ledoux or Minister Kraliqh to apply!

    Any queries or applications may be addressed to the City Council.

    ~ Elodie Ledoux ~
    Chancellor of Arabel
    Sensate of the Succubus of Sensation

  • @saoshyant said in Announcements from the Dwarven Host:

    In response to the Adventurer's Tax, it's by declaration of the Church of Berronar Truesilver that the Dwarven Host of Arabel, by status of being directly overseen by said Church, is exempt from the tax and will not be paying.

    Faenor Farthrow

    Citizens of Arabel,

    Dwarven adventurers are still adventurers and are not exempt from the Adventurer's Tax, unless they meet the criteria detailed in the postings on the Adventurer's Tax.

    Furthermore, only the Chancellor of Arabel or the Minister of Commerce may declare an organisation exempt from the tax.
    Faenor Farthrow is requested to remove her postings in which she attempts to claim the authority of the Chancellor or a Minister of the City Council.
    Failure to do so within 24 hours will be met with a charge of Impersonation of Authority.

    ~ Elodie Ledoux ~
    Chancellor of Arabel
    Sensate of the Succubus of Sensation

  • [An addendum appears on each of the original posters.]

    Registered Organisations:

    The below organisations have been approved for exemption from the Adventurer's Tax.

    • The Dwarven Host - Registered by Thaloc of Clan Theidugan

    ~ Elodie Ledoux ~
    Chancellor of Arabel
    Sensate of the Succubus of Sensation