Regional Charters

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    In the Name of the Most Just and Regal King Azoun V,

    The territory known as Tilverton is hereby granted to the Church of Akadi as a Bishopric of the Cormyrian Kingdom, with all due fidelity and leal respect given to its rightful King. Tilverton, the Moonsea Ride, and attached territories shall be under the Holy Rule of the Mistral of the Church of Akadi, or their appointed Steward should the title lapse without claimant. May the Church manage these territories into prosperous union with the rest of the Kingdom, and may the Bishopric become a beacon of faithful hope towards the gods.

    It is with undeniable faith and utmost confidence in the loyalty of the denizens of Tilverton, that the King hereby bestows the following rights upon the territory of Tilverton,

    Mistral Ophirae MIavre is hereby recognized as Ruler of the aforementioned territories, and the deed to these territories shall be inherited by the Church Successors to the position she currently holds.

    1. The right to form law and ordinance not in contradiction to the Cormyrian Standard and Tradition.
    2. The right and ability to raise individuals to knighthood in service to her Church, and be recognized as lesser nobility in the Kingdom.
    3. The right to impose tariffs in their territory to raise income and perform basic services necessary to administrating lands and territory.
    4. The right to create an armed militia and declare holy war on other faiths- this right shall not extend towards secular disputes, requiring the King's edict and permission.

    The Territory of Tilverton shall not:

    1. Raise armed forces in rebellion to the Crown.
    2. Engage in Foreign diplomacy with secular actors.
    3. Create laws in contradiction to Cormyr's own
    4. Refuse entry of the King's army into their lands.

    The Territory of Tilverton shall:

    1. Offer armed forces or suitable payment in funds in times of war if called upon to by the King.
    2. Administer their lands and territories well.
    3. Aid in the common defense of another noble's territory if doing so does not place their own lands in jeapordy.

    The Crown of Cormyr shall:

    1. Offer protection from secular actors.
    2. Offer counsel in administrating their lands.
    3. Recognize any victorious religious disputes as being the will of the gods, and grant the same rights and privileges to the faith that proves victorious in battle.
    4. Reserves the right to seize the territory should it fall into disrepair and ruin, to be determined by the Courts of Cormyr.

    The Crown of Cormyr shall not:

    1. Protect Tilverton from religious armies and rival faiths.
    2. Police and manage their territories with the King's own.

    In the Name of the King,

    King Azoun V

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