Letter: Pathfinder Daxx

  • Storyteller [DM]


    I have been unable to find any records of this Child of Ash in the Militias records.

    Would you be able to send me what you know of it.

    Also here is the record of the divination last night for the Crowns records.

    Around 3000 years ago a Helmite Order known as the Knights of Aegis were formed. Parts of the Order became dedicated to battling the terrors of the rift, They learnt of the enemy and mastered Netherese secrets. They searched for the root of thier foe so they could rip it out but although they saw what they wanted they could not reach it.

    The Knights were able to communicate with an ancient Netherese archive, they delved into its mysteries and uncovered a prophecy. The prophecy spoke of a Guardian who would hold the power to heal the seal on the rift, They also learnt for the prophecy to be completed it was necessary for the warring in the ruins to cease, They made thier pact and the Knights allowed themselves to fall out of existence, Though thier secrets and guides remained, Likely to guide the prophecised child of the Guardian and a Mortal Consort.

    The blade also seems to hold a lost link to a guardian of sorts, I'm not entirely sure what he is but he appears to be Skeletal has used some Netherese Magics to manifest into the blade.

    Perhaps this Child is connected to the Blade Huxley once held, I know the word Child rather implanted itself in Ethoclyus's head when it was recovered from Jadraxians tomb.

    Warden Ampharen

  • Warden,

    I will get a summary of the case with relevant details sent your way. My thanks for the report. With the details, I am not entirely certain the child is linked but we never know. The child you mention in the tale seems to have been Caru. No matter. The Child of Ash is prophesied to defeat the shadovars, and the blades seem to be the way to end the Phaerimms. Both our enemy of the Dark War.

    -- Pathfinder Daxx

  • Storyteller [DM]

    It occurs to me that there is a library and some machinery in the ruins close by to a tome that mentions the Aegis Knights

    Perhaps if the secrets of this Machinery are uncovered we can learn more.

    Warden Ampharen

  • Saw the report in the Tilverton files. I will see if we have anything on the Aegis Knights as well. Doubt we have much, you might have better luck with the library. Let you know.

    -- Pathfinder Daxx

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Maybe Coltsbury would have recorded something.

    I understand she had a love of lore and the ruins, I'll still look into the machinery in the ruins

    Warden Ampharen

  • @verk

    Here are my findings concerning the Aegis.

    Some months ago, tremors shook the city and several buildings collapsed. The ruins were investigated and in the Aegis Library, the following scene was witnessed. Whether if it was ghosts of the past reliving an event or a vision or a far distant time, wedo not know. But what was witness was several aegis librarians activating the mirror device and speaking with a netherese. This is what was said:

    Detailed Transcript and Comments

    • Aegis Librarian: In Helm we Watch. Parted, but never parted. Night and day, dawn and dusk. ChUnOn ((Netherese: Love))
      The Aegis Librarians carried out a number of ritualised steps in this period. The machine was activated with the Netherese word for "Love" - VC
    • Aegis Librarians (Various): Time. Space. Anger. Joy.
      These match to the Netherese runes we found in the Redwood Ruins. But not all of them. Why? Some of the others are referenced later. -VC
    • Netherese Spirit: Cefsst', ansts uxstOnstf fefsst' ((Netherese: Parted, but never parted.))
    • Netherese Spirit: Thy children of Lord of Knowledge. Bleed by the foul hound of darkest mind. Cages of canvan, imprisoning thy divine.
      Could this be relating to Mystra, imprisoned by Dendar? I am not sure what Cages of Canvan could mean. A misnote perhaps
    • Aegis Librarians (Various): Solitude. Thy Guardian.
    • Netherese Spirit: The Guardian of the second coming of time. Kissed by maiden of mortal flesh.
    • Aegis Librarian: Half-blood...
    • Netherese Spirit: The mountains shall fall and slumber. Thy offspring of mortal flesh and Guardian shall be freed from time. Untouched. Cold. Disgraced.
      This seems to match with my understanding of Caru's background. She sealed herself away but was disturbed and released. Who is this Guardian that is meant to be her father? -VC
    • Aegis Librarian: Thy guardian whom shall bring forth time. When?
    • Netherese Spirit: Thy Guardian shall be kissed by thy Divine flames of the Keeper of the Eternal Sun. Bringing forth space, where time stand in solitude. With the prison of cavans broken, a new dawn shall begin.. Reborn... Parted, yet never parted. The Chronomancer shall be sacrificed, its blood upon the lips of thy twined thread. With the bloodied kiss of death, the cage of madness will consume thy Guardian. A second sun, reborn in rays of darkness.
      Rays of Darkness. Cyric? -VC
    • Aegis Librarian: Twined the threads which move through space yet not time. For us to succeed we must fail. For us to be, we must not be. For love to blossom, hate must be rooted. Darkness must fall, for the dawn to return. Our purpose is clear.
    • Netherese Spirit: Bask in the light of golden hues. Let not the weight of greed cast one down. A beast shall rise in the darkness, to claim the flesh of mortals kissed. Let it not be complete. Or no true light shall be.
      Could this beast be Ini-Herit? He took his current form by forcibly possessing the corpse of a gold-cursed scholar -VC

    Much of this refer to what happened during the sealing of the rift. The Child was Caru, the Guardian her father that was freed and turned to light. The Keeper could be Ini-Herit. He was after all, a priest of Amaunator. The beast I am not sure. The apprentice suggested it could be Ini-Herit. Though after witnessing the sealing of the rift and the Cyrist Cleon almost ruining it, the beast might be him. Just a theory. The chronomancer was Aldek. Everyone knew how much Caru hated Aldek but they left this world as lovers.

    The ritual to seal the rift was complete. The Archangel of Truth (High Priestess Caru's father) was freed and time restored to Bhersken. The High priestess and the archmage were consumed as they used their Threads to mend the Weave. And Cleon was slain by the sacrifice of Isobella Rallyhorn of the Silver Seraph.

    Here is a copy of Coltbury's book.

    Here is what little we have on the child of Ash:

    • It is believed that the Child of Ash is the champion that will destroy the Empire of Loross.
    • Ini-Herit, the High Priest of Amaunator of Chountal, seeks to have the child trained.
    • The child is decendent of ancient netherese.
    • the child has black hair, skin the color of ash and eyes like deep black orbs.
    • The child is under the guardianship of a former Brethren of the Reborn Sun. The guardian is extremely protective of the child.
    • Ini-Herit was, at the time, unable to meet the child. Reason unknown, suspected he could not stray too far from the netherese ruins.
    • The child, at the time, could not be brought to Ini-Herit for fear of being attacked. I suspect the threat was the cyrisists that plagued the ruins.
    • We do not know if the guardian has brought the child to Chountal yet. I will attempt to reach the guardian and mention the blades.

    I do not know if any of this is related to the Spark or the blades. But it is worth looking into.

    -- Pathfinder Daxx

  • Storyteller [DM]


    My thanks for the information

    You should be aware that there is a black half dragon in the region named Ithrovak Iskaveri he mentioned the Lizard Tribes of the swamp.

    I'd advise looking into it

    Warden Ampharen

  • I've been informed, yes.

    I will attempt a meeting with him to discuss the lizardfolks.

    -- Daxx