Letter: Ethoclyus and Tempest

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Ethoclyus, Tempest

    I would invite you both to the Guild of Mechanists, It would be a good way to further your research into the Warforged.

    Perhaps a study of the creations of Bherksen would be a fine start, They may be very early attempts at the creation of Warforged.

    There is also the prototype in the laboratory in the Haunted Halls, I would suggest we take a group and bring it to the facilities in Tilverton for dissambley and study.

    Much could be learnt by from it I believe

    Seeker Ampharen

  • Dear Warden Christoph,

    I sadly cannot join your organisation, as I currently have enough work, and more would simply make me unproductive. Back when I first joined you, I must also admit that I didn't like when you asked me my view on the Ele-weponery and then proceeded to change every reagents I proposed, then did the same when Ophirae asked my help for the Tilverton curse.

    I know of your success, but the differences between our methods makes it slightly incompatible, which saddens me.

    As for the prototype, are you talking about the minogon within the laboratory, or the ancient golem which I repaired with the machinery?

    -Etholycus Cabellan, Scientist, Theorist, Mechano-Wizard, Minister of Magic

  • Arabel is the birth place of the Warforged race. It's where all the forgebrothers belong, those intact and those shattered. I'll join your group, under some conditions. I'll meet with you once more, so we can talk about it in person. I have much to offer, I only wonder what you require of me, besides swearing fealthy to the god Gond. To which I might be inclined to do, given the sorry state of the Lady of Despair, her absolute innaction.


  • Storyteller [DM]


    I mean the Minogon, Though I believe it to be a very early Warforged due to it being able to communicate somewhat when it is active.

    Tempest. I shall endeavour to speak with you soon.

    Seeker Ampharen