A Grand Opportunity for Oldtown!

  • A grubby, dirt ridden and stain covered gnome is seen wandering around the city placing some notices around the city, within the sewers and Oldtown. The text is written in a spidery scrawl and has a few words crossed out

    Greetings Peasents Citizens!

    I do scribble down to inform one and all of the opportunity set to arise and it is this, that I Boris Bumbletongue am Hereby standing for the Mayorship of Oldtown! This is a great chance for you all to dig into your own pockets to sponser my campaign! Those who do dig deep shall be remembered and not forgotten!

    Those remembered and not forgotten shall be offered really good things when the new mayor is elected! yes, me.

    The great Administration shall create a massive boom of the gem trade! (Gems are the most preferable of the sponsers, Diamonds and emeralds are most desirable!)

    Bloodstones! many potential sponsers have allready asked what shall be done with these, and the administration shall take this stones, dig a large hole and bury them within! (Those trading them will also be stabbed and shoved within the holes, still bleeding. This will be keeping the ground nice and tasty and fertile and... and... well nevermind!)

    The cobble demons! these are some folk stiring up trouble- the new administration does vow to stab many times these people. They will be bleeding and buried in the ground! to make space for our office. Those who would like to stab and murder these people should contact the administration.

    Hiring! the Administration is looking for gem finders and collectors, the finders should be sneaky and good at finding things! the collectors should be good at bludgeoning them out of peoples hands Veins of ore.

    I will also be conducting meetings with important people about the city, this is ensure oldtowns new mayorship does have a smooth transition!

    Future Mayor of Oldtown
    Boris Bumbletongue

  • It has become knowledge to the Administration that the fat Lordling BHaliir who "claims" wishes to purge all the none humans from "his district" so that in time "Humanity shall prosper". He does intend very bad things for those whom are not of human blood! Those who are worried and concerned over this may contact the New Oldtown Administration, especially if they do wish to aid and conive ways into solving this so we may just live our upstanding lives in our glorious society of rubble and stain!

    The Future mayor does ever look to expand its administration! Longlegs, shortlegs, pointy ears or snout nosed it dont matter to us, we do see the uselessness usefullness of all!

    Boris Bumbletongue Future Mayor of Oldtown.