Suggested Addition: Plot Ticket Application Field

  • Forte - Today at 6:52 PM know, would it be a bad idea to have an app field where you link your plot ticket if you have one?
    Bowser - Today at 6:52 PM
    not at all.
    Ruler55 - Today at 6:52 PM
    Is a plot ticket something you earn to get the dms attention to push a plot or something?
    Bowser - Today at 6:52 PM
    Would be a great idea
    Forte - Today at 6:53 PM
    Since most of us knew/believed Puffy was the only one who read them, it'd probably help a lot for any DMs evaluating apps.

    So the rationale behind this is it helps DMs more quickly review applications as well as helps players provide proof (if an existing character) of justification for the app's desired perk.

    This would be an optional field and not required, the idea is simply to help the DMs more quickly locate and judge the merits of a characater's career.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    I like the idea.

    It'd especially help for prestige classes where you could update your plot ticket with proof of what you've done to earn the class and link it to the DMs in the app