Update Rali Eisidan's store

  • This is a store that's been unchanged for like a half decade at least, can we bring it up to current powerlevels for what should be available?
    Maybe turn it into a Dwarf only store like the Halfling only store is, with similar stuff to that store?

    He's currently located in the Dwarven Embassy.

  • Mortui,

    I believe they made those changes to the halfling store for balancing. Dwarves are already super well balanced. But I do think it would be cool if he gave dwarves discounts, or possibly only spoke dwarven.
    And of course he needs to sell different gear! The Halforcs in the hullack our do him as far as quality! We

  • Giving him full plates would also be super welcome, since /no/ npc in the city sells them...

  • Halflings were already well balanced too.

    NPCs should sell platemail.

    Rali probably needs an update.

  • I think their are two NPC that sell plate. The Celestial in the mountains and the questgiver for the orc quest....whatevery quest that is.

  • Both of those fullplates aren't common knowledge and have class/alignment restrictions, though.

    I think he's missing some other random weapons as well.

  • A certain dwarf also sells platemails as well.

    A certain orc does as well.

    A certain few npcs sells enchanted full plates too.

  • Only reason NPCs dont sell full plate is an ill advised idea at the start of V5, which... didn't work out, but never got reverted.

  • I'll add turning Rali into a dorf store to my to-do list.