The Militia Seeks New Recruits!

  • The Militia is seeking people from all walks of life to join our ranks

    We have places for scouts, warriors, arcanists and priests so long as you do not follow gods of chaos or destruction or have disgusting orcan or infernal blood in your veins

    Contact a member of the Miltia to become a deputy and see if you have what it takes, After a short assesment period you will be promoted to Private and from there on out can climb the ranks further

    Benefits of Private Rank include: Daily Pay, Camaradie, The chance to defend the city and more.

  • The Militia especially welcomes applicants from the faiths of Helm, Tyr and Gond.

    Should you wish to help bring order and stability to the city contact a member to become a deputy and enlist today

    The Arabel Militia

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