Yurin the Glutton

  • @Khamal


    I'm willing to make one, for free, if you can provide me with the materials; a piece of star iron and a white stag's meat.

    I'll provide the rest.

    No one should suffer under the curse you have, it's not right or fair and Akadi would see your freedom if its within my power to grant.

    That said, I need to warn you; if you intend to eat this thing, I cannot promise it will have a good affect; when someone is killed with one of these in their possession, their soul is anchored to the philosopher's stone and the body is rebuilt from scratch with the vitality of the meat-- it's a new start, but one that requires one to die in the process...


    Ophirae Miavyre
    Mistral (High Priestess) of Akadi

  • This sounds dangerous. Very much so.

    I will get your reagents for this egg. But it will not be my first choice to curb my appetite. Instead, it will be a second choice.

    My first will be to assert dominance of the curse, so that I can have CONTROL over the Pig and not have it over me!

    I will bring forth the Pig and fight it for DOMINANCE!

    Any advice would be helpful.

    Fat Yurin

  • @khamal


    I would suggest speaking with Jon the initiate. I've heard rumors of a boar spirit out in the hullack, but maybe appeals to it for the strength to combat this curse would help? I'm afraid my knowledge of these sorts of things is very minimal.

    If I can help, though, I'm easy to reach.