Sealed Letter: Mistral Ophirae

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    The letter is sealed with golden wax and embedded in the wax is the symbol of the Golden Guard's Standard in smaller form.

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    Mistral Ophirae,

    Thank you again for arranging the tour of your lovely Bishopric a few days back. Ladies Morgan and Penny truly see your vision and share your passion for the future of the village of Tilverton.

    Since our meeting, Eso has seen fit to make it official. I am now the Golden Guard's newest addition with my role being that of the company's diplomat.

    As such there are a number of things I would like to discuss with you, if you'd do me the honor of agreeing to a meeting. I await your correspondence here within the city of Arabel at the Fine Hells.

    Thank you for your time,
    -Raynor, Golden Guard Diplomat

  • @mister-moosh

    Mister Raynor,

    I'm glad you found an amiable agreement, I think you'll be an impeccable fit for the Guard and the Guard for you. In much the same way I am blessed with good company, so too are you and they.

    I would be happy to meet with you whenever you might have time, there are some administrative tasks I have been doing lately but nothing I can't put on hold for a while. In that same vein, however, it occurs to me that you probably do not have access to the village's files. The enclosed key will handle the lock, the vault can be found in the tent at the top of the hill, just look for the chest of drawers with the arcane seals all over it.

    I look forward to speaking in person and thank you for the consideration.


    Mistral Ophirae Miavyre